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Katharine Funk

ADHD Life Coach

I am here to help you figure out where ADHD is showing up in your life and then helping you work out how to manage those symptoms in a way that works for you!

I can help you

What is Coaching?

 From children to adults anyone can benefit from coaching. As long as you are aware of the things you want to change. The changes you want to make can be about anything in your life. School, job, relationships, living environment, parenting, your to-do-list, or your schedule. The only thing that matters is that the goal is important to you. What you're doing now isn't working, and finding the right way is what is relevant. Together we will explore options around the topic being coached, then you decide a direction. We move towards a plan with supports in place. We also look at what might get in the way of your goals and find ways to deal with them. We move forward re-evaluating as we go, taking what works for you, discarding what doesn't and continuing on with intention. As a Coach, I walk alongside during the change, helping you clear the way and keeping you focused on the goal with encouragement and accountability.

What is Coaching


Hi There! I am Katharine Funk. I am a Life Coach who specializes in ADHD. I am also an educator, art teacher and parent of two young adults with ADHD. I know what it is like to live with the symptoms of ADHD in my personal and professional life. I also know that some ADHD traits make me stand apart from others and gives me an edge others don't have. I coach individuals who feel that ADHD is getting in the way of who they want to be and how they live their lives.

About Me

Katharine has not only taught me about many different symptoms, actions and feelings that come from ADHD but has really helped me accept and learn that it’s apart of my life, and how to manage it.  

G. W.S.

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